Who am I?

My name is Alice. Originally Alexander.

I was born on October 4th, 1991 in Brandon, Manitoba. Making me 28 at the time of writing this.

I grew up with more hours online than in the sun. I've always just felt a connection to the internet since I was a child. I've been building computers since I was 8 and repairing them at the same age. The joys of limewire downloaded viruses.

My interests include Computers, Sexuality, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Politics, Social Media, Knives, Gadgets and Aesthetics.

My hobbies include Gaming, Carpentry, Miniatures, Magic: The Gathering, Writing, Graphic Design, Video Editing, 3D Modeling, Website Development and Photography.

I suffer from a disabled shoulder, neck and facial nerves. Originally diagnosed as Trigeminal Neuralgia, it's a terrible mess of twisted bones, muscles and nerves. It causes endless migraines and pain and stiffness. The only relief I get is through the use of marijuana. If you see me craning my neck like a snake, it's me trying to break up some of the endless stiffness. Due to the pain, it prevents me from working reliable hours as I often end up just sleeping until the pain goes down to a tolerable level.

I'm a huge procrastinator, so if you want something done early, give me a deadline and I'll have it to you as soon as you need it.

I've been on hormones for four years, I'm not getting the surgery. I prefer she/her pronouns but I recognize where I came from and don't get upset with accidental misgendering.

My work experience is vast and varied. I've worked as a Customer Service Representative, Billing Specialist, Sandwich Artist, Furniture Salesman, Warehouse Manager, Gas Jockey, Network Technician, Health Care Aide, Cashier, Social Media Manager, Porn Star, Director, Team Leader, Consultant, Model, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Music Producer, Songwriter and others I'm likely forgetting at the time.

I suffer from Depression, Self Harm and Borderline Personality Disorder, though the last one I find to be a blessing in disguise. The former two have been under control for awhile now thanks to Lexapro. The BPD gives me heightened empathy which makes me very good when it comes to socializing, and thus allows me to be a weaver of social webs.

I hope this gives you a enough of a run down of who the fuck Alice really is. If you have any further questions, feel free to message me. I'm an open book!